Our Philosophy

When you are hiring new talent, trust is the most important factor in your decision. Yet finding a human resources agency you can trust is often the most difficult part of the hiring process.

NNB fills the gap. We recruit professionals with the highest standards of integrity, and we perform a thorough background check on every candidate. Our mission is a success when an applicant starts to work in a motivating environment with people who recognize his talents and when a company has found a new talent it can trust with its development and critical missions. We take pride in matching technical job opportunities to skilled candidates and discovering qualified professionals for select companies.

When recruiting, we listen to an applicant’s work history and skills and learn what is important to that person. Then we determine why the candidate is seeking new employment opportunities. We take all of this into account and recommend only those opportunities that we believe will be in the candidate’s best interest now and in terms of future growth.

We offer modern knowledge and use high-tech tools :

Web development, database design, custom applications, software development and e-commerce solutions : we fulfill the needs of clients globally using PHP/MySQL Programming & Open-Source / LAMP Development expertise.
We can provide development skills on the following technologies :

ASP & Virtual Basic
Anything else that you need: *We can hire programmers who are experst in any other technology or programming language. Please submit your requirements for an offer and see our prices for an idea on great savings on development.